Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rich dad; bullied son

Udo is a middle age man in his mid twenties, brown in complexion and slim, always longing for things that always elude him: being free from oppression, to love and being loved, material ideolology.

Udo was the only son in the family of five, "when will I av a brother," Udo would ask his mum when he was 9-11year old but his mum, a fair and sanctimonous woman, brought up in catholic teachings will pat his shoulder telling him those words she always respond with "don't worry God's time is the best."  Udo would cry all night,praying and asking God for a brother but time wound up and Udo realised that that's God wish- to be the only son.  Udo grew up amongst his younger sisters, they showed him love but sometimes the love has limitations, sometimes they wont share their things with him, "who want," Ada would ask but when he raised his finger up she would snub him and instead give it to the other girls who still have theirs with them.  When Udo turned 12 he started asking for a bicylcle so he could ride around the house just like how his age mates does, 'mama buy me bicyco' he would ask his mum in a broken english but mum will instead scold him to go tell his dad, knowing that he couldn't because he was brought up to fear instead of respect his elders.  Udo throughout his teenage years never get the bike because his nefarous and avaricious dad had never added that to his would-do list. Udo lost almost everything about teenage life- the wholeness of being a teenager: folklores, bicycle riding,playing with other kids of his age.  Mum always tell him that the patient dog eats the fattest bone,but how come I haven't seen even the thinnest bone, he would ask himself.

Life never smiled at him and he never smiled at life, the struggle of adjusting into a normal adolsecent life troubled him when he clocked 19.  He couldn't communicate without fear, as if the other recipient will smack him down with a wood.  It took time for him to kind of readjust but life at home keep getting worst, his dad always look at him as a bad boy just because he hangs around and play football with friends in the evening, his dad never think positively about him- he takes hard drugs, his friends are cultist, all this he will pour out when he came back from his beer parlor. 
Udo started thinking about what the future holds for him growing up being hated by his father and living a quasi house arrest life, he was never allowed to go look for a vocational job or even a paying work where he could earn but always forced to stick around the family business when the university is on holiday or forced to go on holiday by industrial action of the universities, albeit going to his father workshop is not the problem, the problem is that he was never payed or given some kind of allowance to take care of himself, the only option he has was to buy a bread and mineral in the afternoon and save the remaining 165 Naira for himself whilst his father eat good foods and live a good life. 

Udo is now 24, denied the liberty and freedom to move around-he don't dare come bak home by 8:30pm else he will go look for an uncompleted building to go sleep in as he has done in the past, he was never given the opportunity to own or learn how to ride a bicycle, can't ride a motorcyle even when his father has two Jincheng motorcyle he abandoned in his lot, he don't know his medical state as he consume sugary drinks all day long, Udo has been mentally traumatise anytime he thinks about his ugly past and his yet to come future encounters.

Wat advice do you have for Udo?

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