Friday, 15 March 2013

Gays are just Victims of Biology

 Over the past few years the heat has intensified and everybody has been gasping for the thin air as a result of what some of us perceive as a malady and perverse.  This little line of write ups is not purported to create another school of thought or to generate controversies but to avail ourselves to sexual diversities and reality.
 Take it or leave it, some homosexuals are born this way whilst some were adopted into it by close friends either through mutual consent or otherwise, gays make up at least 4-5% of this country, Nigeria, and also exist in virtually in every society (though some might not be able to showcase it as a result of fears of being rebuffed, rebuked or even fear from being banished from the community) of the world, no wonder why Prof. Wole Soyinka tagged Gays as “Minorities and also victims of Biology” but to me they also equally victims of psychology.  Scientist are still trying to discover the gene responsible for homosexuality, Psychologists once listed homosexuality as a mental disorder but in 1973 APA(American Psychological Association) delisted it and distant itself from it by acknowledging it as a normal behavior- after all it also exists in higher animals.  Now how can you blame someone that his mental processes and sexual hormones is been directed to a same sex partner whom through mutual consent has agreed to be for each other? The only thought that comes to mind of a gay dude is just a person of same sex, now will you blame God for that or are you going to blame his thinking faculties?
Africans in the past and present have pretended to be more holy than the Vatican City or better than the Bishop of Canterbury- always quick to jump at anybody perceived to be gay forgetting that we all have our own skeletons in our cupboards.   Why would the actions and inactions of two consensual adults in their private rooms be of utmost concern to you? It’s lugubrious! It just seems like we prefer a criminal who will walk to your door post and cart away with your belongings than to someone whom his/her activity doesn’t in anyway infringe on your right.  Our NASS took no time in passing a bill on LGBTs by incriminating it with a draconian  and punitive sanction of 14 years of imprisonment  while the Deputy Director of the Police Pension Office, John Yakubu Yusuf whom have impoverish the lives of patriots that worked selflessly in contributing to national development  to just two years imprison for embezzling N27bn (are you sure a presidential pardon won’t pull him out?). 
Are we trying to be religious gate keepers, those that are trying to internalize religious norms on individual? Are we better than the Brits that brought religion into the shores of Nigeria? In case you are not current, in January, 2013 the Church of England (Anglican Communion) repealed the ban on gay bishops as they are now qualified to be made a Bishop provided they meet up with some certain agreements and just recently in February MPs in the British Parliament voted in favor of the Marriage bill (though nobody’s asking for it) by 400 t0 175, a majority of 225.  Israel, a country we claim to be a God’s own state doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sexuality, they organize civil unions for LGBT persons in their synagogues with Tel Aviv being a major hotspot for gay tourists, it doesn’t stop there, they permit annual gay pride day (see: ).  Do you refer me to Leviticus? Leviticus tells us not to eat pork, rabbits or any kind of crayfish.
We claim it’s against our traditional practice, Chimamanda Adichie in an interview with Okay Africa (23/7/2012) was posed with questions regarding LGBT rights; “I believe in love” was Adichie’s simple answer to Africa’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights question. Boldly declaring that homophobia is “fundamentally wrong,” Adichie maintained, “Being gay is not something white people brought to us. Africans have been gay for centuries.”   Make your research and you will find out that homosexuality in Africa is as old as civilization.

So why chose to discriminate when homosexuality has been found in 450 species?  There’s need for tolerance between heterosexuals and homosexuals for it’s the best collision for peaceful coexistence, we’re all unique in our way, being gay is not by choice; for no one will like to be a minority, people are born gay.  And you can’t claim to be holy because no one is perfect, you can’t be Jesus but can emulate him (he ate with the tax collector and stopped the stoning of a prostitute).
For where there’s tolerance there’s progress, unity and absent of differentialism and corruption.  Live and let’s live.

In the word of St. Francis of Assisi “ Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot  change….”