Monday, 26 May 2014

No to Terrorism

Article by: chisom

Terrorism is the most dangerous war to fight, it's safe to say that its a guerrilla warfare...Its a war against animals in human skin that are willing to die for no just reason; religious extremists you may call them but I think it not, they are just stupid and hopeless people, people who have lost their purpose of life, people who don't respect our sanctity of life...Boko Haram as its nicknamed by natives in Maiduguri which the terrorist group in the country has been identified with originated in Borno State; "home of peace" alas that peace has been questioned since 2009 when the group was formed. The Federal Government of Nigeria recently extended the state of emergency in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states but I ask to what effect? As this group has only grew stronger and stronger and perpetrated more dastardly act unchallenged. The sambisa forest; once a game reserve, now a hiding place for terrorists is believed to be where the group camp...You would be right if you asked why..why haven't the military flush out this terrorists if they know their hideout? Why is the FG reluctant to implement a full fledged state of emergency in the affected region? Ultimately, who are their sponsors?...I once read on wikipedia that they get their funds from donations within the group and bank robberies, that's just a big lie. This group have a big sponsor in town for Christ sake, how do they afford the  RPG they use in some of their attacks? The group claim to be against western education and yet they use things of the west(guns, bomb, video cameras) to perpetrate their inhuman acts.This give rise to another question, what's really their aim? Questions I cannot answer, I tell you. Boko  haram is also purportedly linked to the Al Qa'eda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)...The Chibok story must be told and I commend the bravery of two CNN journalists that covered the story on the ground for us, in Chibok. I noted some things from their report..I noted how the people live in fear, it was written all over their faces, I also noted that the fathers or should I say locals of Chibok don't sleep at night instead they pick up bows and arrows and machetes and patrol at night to ward off any more attacks from the group. Though I admire their bravery, I asked myself..where are the security forces? Where are the troops the FG claimed to be on ground? Where is the security of life and properties? Where is the state of emergency? And above all, what happened to our human rights? In an interview with one of the girls that escaped on the night of the chibok incident by the CNN correspondents, the girl in question vowed that she would never go back to school after what she witnessed that night....
What has come of this country? Where are we headed?..with all these happening nobody knows what the future hold for the country and according to Al Jazeera, our "citizens now have more faith in God than in their government" on that note, I say God save us all from this terrorists.
Say no to terrorism
Say no to Boko Haram

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