Saturday, 8 March 2014

48th Matriculation of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

                                          HAPPY MATRICULATON

EWU JAMBITO! EWU JAMBITO! EWU JAMBITO!  I jolted out of my bed I room in the university campus; it was a hubbub of noise from the fresh students, I was among the fresher, elated that I happened to be among this first year boys of my institution, it was just last year but it feels like it was yesterday, how time flies.  Ewu Jambito in other words means Jamb goat

That morning, January 2013, I done in my reserved-for-special-day shirt, and my oversized matriculation gown, immediately I stepped out of my room, a rapturous noise blanketed me.  Filing out with my buddies felt like am in a very sumptuous universe, we went to the Margret Ekpo convocation arena for our matriculation induction, and we were all given a New Testament pocket bible. It been over 3 years I held a bible and I felt I had found my lost glory, we sonorously sang the university of Nigeria anthem, listened to the sermon, waited for item seven but it never came, albeit we never cared all we wanted is to go on with the after-orientation events, among which are: taking pictures with friends, wining and dining and also making sure the whole perimeters of the school perceive our cologne. 

On this day, friends and enemies wear different kind of faces, the new matriculants are also happy for different reasons that you can never observe with your senses, for instance I was happy ‘cause it is like walking on a new path, for others it was because at last they are now recognized as a student of a university, to some it was because they assume and believe they are first class student going by the virtue of their CGPA-5.0.

I wish all the whole Jambitos a happy matriculation exercise and I pray you all to be an example of what Nigeria is yearning for- good leader, messiah, transparent, human right respecter; you can be all this  only if you walk on it, the world is waiting for you.

Ejioffor Ikechukwu
Year Two

Public Administration

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